Ways of updating knowledge of products and technical services

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Ways of updating knowledge of products and technical services - updating contact list

Note: Changing the service request language does not change the language of the My Oracle Support user interface, but will enable you to communicate with Oracle in your chosen language.

These options are only available for update by CUAs that have been enabled for Support Identifier Groups.To become a CUA, send an e-mail to an existing CUA for the SI that you want to administer asking them to grant you the CUA role for that SI.To find your CUA or your CUA's e-mail, see the "How do I find my CUA? If the CUA for an SI has enabled Service Request Details by Email for you, you can choose to receive the SR details in email.In some cases the same license is listed many times in a single SI.This may be because the license includes different levels of service or because the license was moved from another SI.You must log severity 1 service requests in English to receive 24 x 7 support.

By default, My Oracle Support detects the time zone based on your workstation time zone.Note that the contract expiration end date shown does not change until a new support contract has been activated. Therefore, it may appear that the expiration date is close when the support contract may have been renewed.Contact your CUA by email or phone to identify the contract administration or purchase team in your organization. " to identify your CUA and their contact information.To see the email addresses of the CUAs for the SI, click the Most customers have only one SI.This is a number similar to 3434354 that defines the Oracle products for which your organization has a support license.If you require permission to download patches, create service requests, view assets, or perform other tasks, ask your CUA to update your My Oracle Support permissions.