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Criminal lawyers such as Avninder Singh feel that more stringent action is needed. The woman has shared her phone number with the recharge person on the assumption of trust.

The “recharge Bhaiya’ often helps to buy SIMs with fake IDs that he keeps in stacks at his store.

Mohammed, 24, of Shahjahanpur, confessed to HT about what he described as having some harmless fun.

His favourite recharge outlet is the one run by a father-son duo. He and his friends then use the numbers to strike friendships.

“Sometimes we send vulgar pictures over Whats App,” he admits.

The police, instead, go after those rechargers who enable the purchase of SIM cards under fake identity.

“We have booked three recharge guys so far under Section 467 for dealing in false documents,” he says.

Ironically, buying or selling women’s numbers has not landed anyone in jail so far in UP.

“Koi crime nahin banega,” (No crime will be made out) says IG Sekera.

The selling price for the number of an “ordinary looking girl” fetches Rs 50.

Navneit Sekera, an inspector general of police who played a crucial role in setting up the helpline, says anonymity is key to the latest scourge plaguing tens of thousands of women in the state.

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