Polycom 450 updating initial configuration

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Polycom 450 updating initial configuration - sex dating in bluebell utah

Because my Lync deployment is all anchored to my Lab’s root cert, I just exported the root cert from my server. Navigate to the Console Root / Certificates (Local Computer) / Trusted Root Certification Authorities / Certificates and click to select your root cert.Right-click / All Tasks / Export / Next / Base-64 encoded / Next / / Next / Finish / OK & close the MMC.

So, AU0 later and overnight e Bay sent me a 321 to play with.

At “Confirmation – Login Credentials” select Yes and then back-arrow to the start. If you have stacks of them (say you’re migrating to Lync from a SIP Centrex service) then you stand to save a fortune by not having to replace them.

If you’re very price-sensitive and buying new devices, the savings made here (compared to the ‘official’ Aries devices) will potentially justify the additional administration costs.

You’re going to want to short-dial to extensions from the phone (i mean, it’s a phone!

) so we’ll need to tell the phone to use an appropriate Dial Plan (nee Location Profile) because it’s not quite clever enough (yet) to determine what the logged-in user’s is.

Click Edit / Users and create yourself a new user (I called mine Polycom), add a password, and give it permission to your Firmware folder like the below.

In this environment the phones need to download (firmware – naturally) but also write back their config and log files, which we’re going to neatly tuck into sub-directories, hence the check against “ Subdirs” below.

Pick an appropriate Lync Dial Plan and note its “Simple Name”.

My Global is useless, and the one I normally use has punctuation in it, which is NOT permissible, so if you’re similarly afflicted, go ahead and change its Simple Name now.

“OK” when you’ve done, then back-arrow until you’re prompted to save config: If the phone doesn’t automatically reboot at this point, back-arrow or press Menu to get out, then select Menu, 3Status, 1Basic, 4Restart Phone and Yes. At this point, the screen on the phone cycled through a range of messages: Once you make it through all of the above, you have a phone ready to talk to Lync, but it’s not yet authenticated.

From the phone, select Menu / 3Settings / 1Basic / 4Login Credentials.

Any phones that do not have the minimum supported firmware version installed will need to be manually updated.

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