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Humans are represented in simple outlines without features, sometimes with masks, often without regard to proportion, being distorted and isolated.At the Grottes des Enfants in France are found four burials with red ocher, and associated with Aurignacian tools.

, they are certainly Neanderthal like in their stone tools.

Multiple burials are common in the areas where they were found.

What is most interesting is that from 35 to 10 thousand years ago, there was no differentiation by sex or age in burials.

Cro-Magnon people lived in tents and other man-made shelters in groups of several families.

They were nomadic hunter-gatherers and had elaborate rituals for hunting, birth and death.

From Spain to the Urals, sites list the developments of sewing needles, barbed projectiles, fishhooks, ropes, meat drying racks, temperature controlled hearths, and complex dwellings. Art suddenly springs onto the landscape, fully formed, with no period of gradual development; no signs of childish attempts preceding it.

A piece of ivory carved 32,000 years ago is as realistic as anything turned out by the most accomplished carver of the present day.Also possible, considering the new concepts of time reckoning practiced by Cro-Magnon, are abstract representations of the passage of time, such as spring plants in bloom, or pregnant bison that might represent summer.representations of people, anthropomorphs, are very few, and never show the accuracy or detail of the other animals.They had a high cranium, a broad and upright face, and cranial capacity about the same as modern humans (can we say larger? Of course, the out of Africa theory advocates suggest that Cro-Magnon came from Sub Saharan Africa and a temperate climate and that, they would eventually adapt to all extremes of heat and cold.In this way, the slight differences between Cro-Magnon and other forms of anatomically modern humans can be explained away as an adaptation to cold.Then they were dismissed as being primitive, categorized as hunting, fertility or other types of sympathetic magic.

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