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The victim was beaten to a bloody pulp, and recent news coming out of Slovenia suggest that he died in hospital.The attackers were identified as 20 year old Aleš Olovec and 29 year old Martin Kovač.

id=100006169849049 They were all drunk at the time and drank a lot overall.

Here’s the short version of it: Also, here’s the photo of Andrej Cekuta before being killed.

As everyone knows, any diet plan is related to limiting the number of foods.

Medja took his camera out to document the effects of the ice storm in a series of stunning photos.

Diesel-fueled locomotives had to be brought in to aid emergency repair work after the local railway’s electoral lines were knocked out of commission.

The attackers also allege the victim ““, which they did not appreciate because as Aleš Olovec states, he’s alive thanks to her.

The attackers also state in the video that the victim’s mom is already dead, and that he may die just like her.

Much of Postojna’s natural landscape was locked under a layer of ice as thick as 15 centimetres.

Some residents were forced to use axes to break their cars free, reported The Independent.

According to locals, it was described as the worst one of its kind in living memory.“I know my country well, but no one remembers – even the old people – a weather case like this,” photographer Iztok Medja told The Huffington Post Canada.

The storm battered the small mountainous country for several days, layering trees, road signs, and cars under thick layers of ice.

Props to Best Gore member @alexander300 for the update. The streaming did not start until after Andrej Cekuta barely hanged on to life.

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