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After class, the two had plans to get drinks together. Because neither of them knew if the date that had planned was a real date or just one of their typical "friend dates," they told Becca that of course she was welcome to join!

Michael and Elena met each other early into the MBA program.Over the fall semester, friends of Elena and Michael kept asking in a jokingly way, "When are you and Mike Dean going to date?" or "You know you and Elena are going to get married, right?" Although they both denied it at first, they soon started to realize that they did have feelings for each other that were deeper than friendship.However, they were both so terrified of ruining their friendship that neither of them wanted to make a move.And somehow, some way, this is how their friendship started.

As the school year went on, Michael and Elena realized they had a lot in common.It was during the "First Year Bar Crawl" that took place the weekend before classes started when they first spoke.Michael came up to her during their stop at Out-R-Inn, and very simply said, "Hi Elena!" Elena was shocked and impressed that Michael knew her name, considering they had never talked before. "Trying to move the conversation along, Elena, for some reason, brought up the fun fact that she has a stigmatism in only one eye.However, because Elena had already had a few drinks by then, she had no problem letting him know that. She noted that she doesn't really need glasses, rather she *should* just use a monocle.When they returned to Columbus in August to start their second year, they picked up right where they left off.

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