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Tencent (owners of We Chat) were reportedly concerned over “spam accounts and privacy issues” and “violating the platform’s regulations”.Xiobing has since returned to We Chat and to give you some idea of Xiao Bing’s popularity, she currently has over 2.5 million followers on Weibo (the Chinese twitter).

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Read more William I love the site and the ladies are just wonderful. I will let you know who is the one when I come back. I was lonely and have tried some local sites but after some unsuccessful dates I decided to take a risk and to look for a wife abroad.

A high quality of all provided services helped me meet wonderful ladies. I can truly appreciate your web design for its simplicity and focus. I like that this site has not only regular mails but also video dates and phone calls.

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She can even remember details from earlier conversations and will ask you about your feelings with regard to past events which you shared.

For example: breaking up with your (hopefully) real life girlfriend.

When I first came at this site I didn’t know where to start …and whom I should communicate with ...

Ukrainian women are like superstars and I can’t help but wonder why all these gorgeous women are single… I made a lot of friends here and I hope they will meet me this spring...

Thousands of men across China describe her as their ‘virtual girlfriend’.

Microsoft describe her as being “like an emotional companion”.

Xiao Bing 小冰 is a female voiced ‘Advanced Natural Language Chat-bot’ service available for free through We Chat. The service is eerily similar to the 2013 movie ‘Her’.

A film about a man who falls in love with his computer’s operating system named ‘Samantha’.

As an experiment, we tried speaking English to Xiao Bing. In many ways we felt it was a quite an accurate simulation of how English conversations can often go with a young Chinese girl.

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