Updating ps3 to play ps2 games

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Yoshida concedes that this is possible for Play Station 4 supporting legacy Play Station consoles as well.

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Most of the popular/top selling games will work fine.Screen turns black, seems like it loses the connection to the tv because the "HDMI 4" box comes up on the screen like the thing is turning off but the machine stays on with blue and green lights solid. TV is a 32 inch Insignia 1080 and it's hooked to the ps3 with an hdmi. I just can't imagine an inner malfunction but you never know.Tried resetting default settings, option 1 via safe mode, option 2 restore file system I think, it gets stuck in a "file system is corrupted, will now be rebuilt loop". But for now, downloaded PS3 games won’t work “unless, somehow, some games work on emulation.And the easiest thing, technically, would be to make PSone games work on PS4 with emulation.Couldn't fimd a console gaming topic so I chose other consumer electronics.

Bought a used one of these off Ebay from original owner that rarely used it.

The average consumer doesn't have to worry about this at all (mainly because the new model of PS3 doesn't have back compatibility).

But if you're interested, read on: PS3 back compatibility, in the Japanese and US launch models, was implemented by essentially putting a PS2 inside it.

It doesn’t work.” Based off of statements made at Sony's PS4 reveal event, it is believed that Sony will be using Gaikai's capabilities to provide access to games from previous Play Station consoles through Gaikai's cloud streaming capabilities.[1] At this point, it is not known whether this will require players to re-purchase games they already own, although this seems quite likely.

Gaikai streaming is reportedly going to be available in the later half of 2014.

In the IGN article linked above states: "In a roundtable conversation with journalists, President of Sony’s Worldwide Studios noted that PS3 games of both the retail and downloadable variety will not be compatible with Play Station 4, at least not natively.