Stop skype updating

27-Jul-2014 20:52 by 4 Comments

Stop skype updating

Any Vo IP apps that you’ve permitted to use Call Kit will honor your current Do Not Disturb setting and a list of blocked contacts.Lastly, you can revoke these permissions for Vo IP apps by flipping switches in Settings → Phone → Service Providers.

Just like you must authorize third-party apps to access your camera or microphone, Call Kit-enabled apps will put up a new type of i OS prompt at first run asking for permission to use Call Kit.

Keep in mind this is only for the desktop version of the app, and all you have to do to keep using it is update to the latest version.

If you're running Windows 10, you can also give the Skype Preview universal app a try as well.

That said both the 7.18 version of the Skype on Mac and the 7.16 version on the Windows came into existence more than a year ago, so the chances are that you might have already updated to the newer versions.

But again if you are clinging to the older versions its time to update.

If you're one of those users, all you'll need to do is download the new update.

For more information on which devices and operating systems Skype currently supports, please check our support site.As Microsoft notes in the post, the move is a part of Skype's transition from a peer-to-peer infrastructure to a "modern, mobile-friendly cloud architecture." Essentially, that allows Microsoft to keep improving performance and adding features like mobile group video calling and cloud file sharing.While the post doesn't mention any of Skype's mobile apps, it's likely we'll see older versions of those impacted at some point as well.Skype has improved a lot and now the app has also been migrated to the Azure public cloud infrastructure and has added new features like the chatbots.The update will be based on redesigned infrastructure which will facilitate a much more consistent user experience and is also less bloated.Microsoft has announced that users will have to update to the new version of Skype for desktop in order to continue using the program beyond this month.