Android dating games

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Android dating games - amy ryan dating

====================◆STORY◆====================A first-timer in love and romance,you suddenly end up one day working for a"boyfriend consignation" company! ――Surrounded by all these good-looking and well-seasoned men,your daily excitement just never ends! ====================◆CHARACTERS◆====================A genius mysterious, Aito HOZUMI"I've never had something I wanted...until now."Igniting the flame inside the heart of thisyoung genius and a man of super high-specifications,is none other than you! A strategist dominant sadist, Takeomi SHIINA"You ready?

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There have been many rumors flying about the Xiaomi Mi note 2 and now there is an even more exciting aspect of this tech.

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====================◆Love Aside, There Are Lots of Others Things to Enjoy! Enjoy hundreds of vibrant and gorgeous looks for your avatar!

Bring out your best fashion sense and seduce him...! Clear ' Missions' for the sake of your love with himand unlock sweet scenarios complete with beautiful illustrations?! Whichever ending you choose, both are of happy ones!

Right at a time where he poses as your ex-boyfriend however,your romantice life's biggest period arrives!