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As of the time of this writing, that domain name resolves to: The domain name of the website that ran the Java exploit was which is the website for the “Cedar Key Sunset Isle RV Park & Motel,” an “RV Bed and Breakfast” establishment in Cedar Key, Florida.

The hash of the exploit is: The corresponding Virus Total analysis shows a detection rate of 6/46.

The exploit materializes the downloaded payload to a temporary folder on disk, as “” The exploit then executes the payload.

The hash of the payload is: The corresponding Virus Total analysis shows a detection rate of 5/40.

According to the site: The hacker also inserted the exploit into the homepage of

Thus, individuals who were not specifically targeted were also infected if they visited the Cedar Key homepage.

Just picked up an UM3 today, currently running my first print and wanted to watch the video of the print.

After checking out Daid's post on remote access I found the camera stream URL (

The payload is a PE file that appears to be packed with ASProtect v1.23 RC1.

The unpacked binary (unpacked with Quick Unpack 2.2) appears to contain a compiled Delphi project.

action=stream) however I get an 'Error Connection Refused' from my browser when I try to access it.

After a quick nmap I can see that port 8080 is not open (only port 80 is).

When trying a URL, be sure to choose the appropriate MJPEG or JPEG option in the i Cam Source.

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