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“And then there are the pornographic website pop-ups to contend with, which often appear innocuous and use non-explicit language and cartoon characters and child icons. Not only are sexual activities of every type placed at their fingertips, but young children especially, could easily be lured into cyber chats and cybersex with ‘live’ feeds,” an industry expert told the New Straits Times, in response to the MCMC’s move to block porn sites.

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Industry insiders told the NST that each year, the MCMC blocked some 4,000 websites.“In fact, the commission has acted against many such websites that attempt to con the public into parting with their money.“As such, there should not be an issue with the authorities act against websites offering illicit contents,” one industry expert said.Although there were no correlation to the internet or porn in particular for sex violence in the country, the call to ban online porn comes as rather bemusing affair.In fact the ban comes about as the case is even being debated in the Supreme Court on the banning of these sites, during the hearing the Chief Justice refused to pass an interim order to ban the websites citing constitution and rights to personal liberty.It is understood that the commission had also acted in response to an increasing number of complaints from parents worried that their children were being exposed to uncensored, sexually explicit materials on the Internet.

It is also understood that the move to rope in ISPs was because parental control could only go so far in protecting the children.

The MCMC will act with other agencies involved including the police and what's important is this issue should be given due attention," he said.

Regarding the event, he hoped that such celebration would display the strong relations between all races, thus fostering mutual respect among the various races towards the maintenance of peace and harmony of this country.

“With desktops at home, parents can key in a list of keywords and phrases in the hopes of filtering out pornographic sites.

But safeguarding children from illicit content is getting more challenging each day.

The ban has caused fury among both sides of the community with some declaring it as a violation of personal liberty while certain groups welcome the decision by the government.

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