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Mineral springs may come out of the earth at a cool or tepid temperature and then be heated for bathing, as in the case of Saratoga Springs, New York, a major 19th century spa destination for wealthy Americans.

If there is geo-thermal activity in the area, the mineral water is heated before it emerges from the earth, in which case it is called a hot spring or thermal spring.

I say what I mean and mean what I say, no beating aroundam Arkansas born and raised, i love making friends and chilling out to friends.

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In the East there are just 34 thermal springs, of which only three qualify as hot springs: Hot Springs, Arkansas; Hot Springs, North Carolina; and Hot Springs, Virginia), which are part of the Blue Ridge mountain chain.

Mineral springs spas vary greatly in the degree of luxury and amenities they offer.

The temperature of the water may be so hot it has to be cooled before you can bath in it.

Of some 1,700 hot springs in American, the vast majority are located in the 13 states of the West, including Alaska and Hawaii.

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