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Find someone on a dating site - magicmoments dating

I should be able to reach out to them to get them to stop or pay me for the use. I have sent this info on to other site’s with her email address so this person can’t do this to anyone else.I would highly recommend Social for anyone who questions any relationship that they are in.

Individual data points don't mean anything unless they can be connected to other data points to make up a person's online presence.Fortunately, these sites aren't as safe and anonymous as would be adulterers and cheaters would like to believe.If you suspect your signifigant other might be using a dating site or app, there are a few ways to confirm your suspicions.Facebook is the most popular social network, and it has the most robust search engine, so you should probably start there.Facebook's People Search lets you search for people by filling in one or more search boxes: Name, hometown, current city, high school, mutual friend, college or university, employer, and graduate school.People recycle usernames, passwords, and social media profile pictures.

Grab their profile pic from their Facebook or Twitter account and plug it into a reverse image lookup such as Tin Eye.

If you know one or two of these things about your subject, you can narrow down your search and then browse through the photo results.

If your subject has no social media presence, try to find their friends and family members; it's possible they're hiding their account behind a fake name.

Tin Eye will scan the image and then spit back all other instances of that image that it finds on the web -- this is a great way to find now-defunct social media profiles, old Live Journals, and online dating profiles.

You can also use Google Images to do a reverse image search by going to Google Images, clicking the camera icon in the search box, and uploading the image you want to search.

Open up Google and type in everything you know about the person in keyword format; for example, "sarah los angeles writer tech." Even if you only know their first name, keywords related to their job, marital status, location and school will likely bring up social networks or other identifiable results.

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