Sailors only dating

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Sailors only dating - wjbr dating hotline

Solo travellers made up over 90% of our guests over the last 18 months, and that includes a lot of girls too, so if you’re a single sailor you’ll be in good company on Ibis!

Recently retired and now with more time on my hands. Ex forces and commercial, YMO with many miles/years experience. Solent day trips and longer, Chichester to Weymouth. Experienced crew a bonus but happy to take on novices; willingness to participate and/or learn more important. Crew for easy-going cruise on 1-25 May and/or 6-23 June 2017 from Porto Kheli in the Peleponnese to somewhere and back, (weeks or fortnights considered).

A singles sailing holiday on Ibis is much more than a holiday; it’s an adventure, it’s a chance to get so far away from your life in the office that it fades into nothingness…at least for a little while.

Time starts to slow down, and you can actually feel yourself blood pressure falling….relaaaax…..relaaaax….

OK, OK, I don’t like the awful “singles” label any more than you do, but if you’ve reached this page, you must be someone who’s interested in single sailing, either as a single person, or as half of a couple where your partner’s not really keen.

I hope the information you find here will demonstrate that not only is sailing a fantastic option for a solo traveller, but it’s also a way of meeting like minded people in a relaxed and healthy environment….having a load of fun to boot!

With one in particular, a keen walker, we were discussing her engagement to a really nice guy she had met locally. His idea of sport was a Saturday morning in front of the telly with a beer.

It was clear in our conversation that there was an area of her life that was missing from their relationship. Little did I know the emotional journey I was about to go on.

If you choose a single sailing holiday with Yacht Ibis, we can promise you a number of things – your own bunk, great food, exotic locations, exciting sailing and some hilarious banter.

Over 90% of our guests are solo travellers and we have a high percentage of girls, too.

Likely destinations - Spetse, Hydra, Aeghina Epidavros (the old theatre) maybe Nafplion and down to Monemvassia. Looking for 2 crew members to sail from Sausalito, CA June or July, 2017 to Lihue.

Crew must provide transportation back after arrival.

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