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Non-Philippine species previously assigned to the genus are excluded by this diagnosis; as a result, the new combinations is a very interesting genus of earthworms, from ecological, esthetical and biogeographical points of view.

It is advisable that the Waiver of Exclusion Ground (WEG) is obtained before leaving the port of origin.

Many species are intensely colored in hues not commonly seen in earthworms, in this case tending towards deep blues and turquoise, with bright greenish cuticular iridescence.

has irregularly scattered white flecks on the dorsal surface, and one species described here goes even further, adding yellow anterior bars and yellow centers to the white spots.

To date the genus is only known to occur on the central and northern islands of the Philippines and on Borneo ( below).

Other Borneo-Philippines faunal connections are mainly manifested in the western Philippine Palawan archipelago, in which the southern outlier islands Balabac and Bugsuk are very close to Borneo and probably were part of a Palawan-Borneo-Sundaland land mass at Pleistocene low water ( Heaney, 1985 and Heaney, 1993).

Please advise customers for the above requirements.

For more information please contact local South African Embassy, the South African High Commission or the South African Department of Home Affairs.

Despite auto ticket revalidation will take place at CX/KA when flight/date changes for adult passengers that have booked, the process does not apply to infant not occupying seat.

After sending the to CX/KA, you are not required to contact CX/KA office to update the flight information to the infant ticket, as long as the ticket validity fulfils, CX/KA will accept the travel.

Some species are apparently arboreal, at least facultatively or during early juvenile stages.

We encountered juveniles and adults in plant leaf axils, including those of (Pandanacae) and ferns.

Some were in palmate-fronded climbing ferns, in which a basal portion of the frond is modified as a cup filled with adventitious roots and decaying organic matter.

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