Cydia weathericon not updating

29-Dec-2014 23:19 by 10 Comments

Cydia weathericon not updating

For example, when I go to unlock my device, I'd like to tap on the Twitter icon but with the speed of the new animation, I have to idle myself an extra second longer before doing so.

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The refined typography makes reading emails, creating reminders and typing up notes, which is what I'm currently using to write this blog post, is so much easier due to the use of hierarchy (font styles and colours).

Yeah, yeah, I know Apple introduced the new A7 chip on the i Phone 5s but unfortunately, I'm still experiencing lags during animations so I could only imagine how the i Phone 4/4S users feel.

Functionality wise, every app seem to work as it should but I'd like to focus in on the App Store for a moment.

But because they had clouds and temperature text at the bottom, it was smartly disguised.

Let me show you: I'm happy Apple removed all the linen texture from previous i OS…

This year, all the icons changed, following a new grid system and a whole new palette of colours, which I find brilliant because it brings unity to the home screen now.

I know this because I've been playing with the new grid system for a couple months and I can't wait to show you what I've come up with—but that's another day.

With all this information, expect the first ayecon update later this week and thank you for your patience and support.

3 months ago, I installed i OS 7 (beta 1) on my test device (i Phone 5) but because it wasn't my main driver, I didn't spend enough time with it.

I tried to make the PSD file as straightforward as possible to mask.

Afterwards, you can feel free to send me your masked icon(s) so I can include in future updated or just keep it for yourself, whatever works for you.

Since 2007, Apple would develop 1–2 new applications and cook em right into i OS like App Store, Compass, Voice Memos, Game Center and even the Newsstand.