Optus usage meter not updating

15-May-2015 11:50 by 3 Comments

Optus usage meter not updating

As for service status, I can't even login to find out the status anyway and don't seem to be able to find it in the Optus Zoo.When I hear the explanation that the problem will be fixed tomorrow, this tells me that the person/s responsible are not in the office.

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Either way, 'too bad customers, we dont care and we will fix it when we're ready'. What error are you receiving when you try to log in? Have you tried clearing the cache, security certificates, cookies in FF4?Check your data usage, view and pay bills, recharge, chat to customer care, turn on international roaming and more.-Chat to Customer Care-Track your usage-Pay your bill-Check and recharge credit-Turn international roaming on and off-Purchase Optus Travel™ packs-Get access to Optus Perks movie vouchers Received invoice from Optus two days ago. This app is effective as their 20 different departments that you get shuffled between if you dare to call them with a service issue, of which there are plenty. The app is good as it is easily navigated for the basics however, the introduction of the widget has highlighted some significant room for improvement.Decided to use app to pay invoice and app says there is no outstanding amount to pay. Useless Data usage is way out, don't depend on the usage this app gives you or you'll be charged for extra data. It doesn't update according to the data, you need to open the app for the widget to update which really defeats the purpose of the widget.Your service will remain active during the transfer process.If you're transferring from Vodafone or Telstra it usually takes 30 mins but can up to 4 hours. It's a round about way of getting there but at least it still works for me.

I think, they are just fiddling with their website and not understanding that users are having difficulty access it.. on the login page use just your UID or Username & your password, tick the Remember Me box.much like any change made by a big company doesnt always take into account what happens on the users/customers end. You'd think it would either work for everyone or for no one. Whatever Optus has stuffed up on this occasion they've done a pretty spectacular job. If you leave/close the page WITHOUT logging out then this URL will take you directly to your Usage page: https://memberservices.(If you use IE just click YES to the display ONLY the HTTPS data.It is odd, using Firefox 4, it takes me to a login screen but when I put my username and password in it says "A system error has occurred. Using IE9 I have mixed results, sometimes a 'bad request error' sometimes with a log in screen with same result I get when using firefox. Why does Optus have to show a ad on the usage page? Surely they would/should know how to correctly setup a HTTPS webpage where all data must come from the secured server .... ) I have been able to get to that screen on and off (using various browsers) for the last two days but have not actually been able to log in.I've found that for FF4, you can log-in at:https://memberservices.au/myusage/ (with the different-from-usual log-in page) It'll show the prompt for the second log-in, and then you paste the above link in and load that, seems to work. The page isn't redirecting properly Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete. I can use the new page in IE on windows and FF3.6 on linux.This problem can sometimes be caused by disabling or refusing to accept cookies. ask them why they charge people data to find out how much data they have left.“Consumers not realising there can be a two day delay in the data usage notifications could easily use a gigabyte or two of data which would set them back between -0.

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