Sprung the dating game walk through

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Sprung the dating game walk through

In , players head off to a Ski Lodge in the Rockies and try to hit on the clientele for a little action.And true to the stereotype, you get the pretty boys, nerds and nerdettes, and the spoiled little rich kids, all the way down to the boppy-happy Casio-style theme between missions.

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Break down the game to its parts and it's nothing more than a rigid algorithm tree, and even if you don't even read the thousands of lines of text you can poke your way through the dialogue to a "win" situation.

this isnt true in the original game the volcano isnt fully solid, and the attempting to climb it will dump you out of the level.

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.., Sprung: The Dating Game Questions and answers, Nintendo DS A dating game in which the player must choose the correct responses in order to get the person he/she is talking to want to go out with you. choose your line and get ready to react when your opponent responds.

also, one can show off what he/she has, whether it be club passes, money, or even an attractive body part, sprung gives you the ability to flaunt what you have. Buy Sprung: The Dating Game (Nintendo DS) at a low price; get free Release Day Delivery on eligible orders.

At the very least, the writers push the limits of the Teen rating with uncensored "a--hole" namecalling and the hint at homosexual and bisexual encounters in several of the games dating "missions." And the dual-screen interface comes in handy to gauge the two people's moods before and after each response -- the game's animation is actually incredibly well done, almost feature film quality as each person moves from his or her happy, sad, horny, embarassed..if these sequences are canned and recycled over and over throughout the storyline.

No lines are spoken, though, and with so much noiseless yammering back and forth these characters do, the game unfortunately feels like an interactive silent movie more than it does an adventure design.

We can appreciate the company trying something new for a system that's trying something new, but Sprung is just unbelievably unrewarding as a "game," and I couldn't imagine any publisher attempting to release it as anything but one of the few titles capitalizing on a high profile launch release.

I've nearly completed Brett (well at least I think I have! Gamers choose their lines in order to further the game. there's no way i would've ever paid money for this. Work all the angles: flirt your way through more than 50 dating missions, as either the guy or the girl!

It's more an interactive novel, a virtual, sexy, "choose your own adventure" book that's admittedly written as well as a book-masquerading-as-a-videogame can be.

But to sell people on the virtues of the Nintendo DS platform?

most of them involved some nearly impossible sequence of button presses.