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Rcmp online dating - Burundi chattes

It provides a broad range of information for parents and youth to help them stay safe in the cyber world.

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Internet Safety This brochure (from Public Legal Education and Information Services of New Brunswick) provides a good summary of internet safety tips for youth.

Kids Help Phone An anonymous, confidential telephone service that kids can use to get help with all kinds of problems.

The website includes information on school, dating, bullying, the internet, money, work, health, family and more.

Mobile devices now account for about half of all internet traffic.

This website highlights the risks that come with mobile phone technology and it provides some strategies to stay safe.

The RCMP also advises against sending money to people claiming to have an emergency and need help covering costs, such as with an ill family member.

“Protect yourself by never, under any circumstances, sending money for any reason,” the release says.The website is operated by the Canadian Centre for Child Protection. Need Help Provide information to youth who have been impacted by a sexual picture/video being shared online, by email or by text.The goal of the site is to provide teens with practical steps they can take to regain control over the situation.It is a quick read and the information covers the same lessons learned in the Cybersafe BC course.The RCMP is asking Canadians to be wary of opening their hearts — and wallets — to potential online scammers.The RCMP says Canadians who have fallen victim to this type of scam can contact their banks, report the crime to the police or file a report with the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.