Www sexauer com catalog

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Www sexauer com catalog

We make these treats the old fashioned way, slowly by hand in small batches. Ellis I ordered the chocolate covered peanuts and didn't like the low grade of chocolate used to coat them, neither was it enough chocolate.

Best peanuts plain come from Bertie County but add chocolate ... One friend refers to them as being like "crack" Usually I am very satisfied with the products I receive from Bertie Co. I can taste the Bertie County dirt, the way it smells, in the peanuts, having grown them with my dad, "Plucker", back in the day.Over the past 112 years, Badger has evolved into a full-time distributor of lumber, interior and exterior millwork, cabinets, flooring, windows, garage doors, roofing, agricultural products and a variety of other quality products perfect for residential and commercial projects.Badger has demonstrated its commitment to the industry by constantly reviewing and updating product lines and inventories to better service our customers.We do this by focusing on our core values—honesty and integrity, passion and compassion and longevity. Badger Company founded October 3, 1903 by Gust Sexauer and his wife Anna who had convened the idea of undertaking a new venture in La Crosse, Wisconsin.I ordered more to share with my friends when I went back to college.

I was also very pleased with the prompt shipping and delivery time.The ultimate goal is to provide customers with the quality products they need with the highest level of personalized service.Badger Corrugating Company, founded in 1903, is a family and employee owned company with a proud heritage and skilled staff, passionately committed to being the most respected building material manufacturer and distributor, outperforming all expectations of our customers and vendors, while supporting the communities we serve. We believe in the importance of establishing and maintaining strong partnerships with our customers and vendors.Peanuts, however on this order I was very disappointed. I gave your chocolate covered peanuts as gifts one Christmas to my in-laws as something from back home that they might enjoy. I ordered these among other peanuts for Christmas, however, these looked so tempting I had to open them.The chocolate covered peanuts were stale and I had one serving and tossed the remainder in the trash can. The next year, everyone was disappointed; we had different gifyts and they had "been looking forward to getting those peanuts again". The are the best chocolate covered peanuts I ever ate. When I found a way to order them, I jumped on it and am sure I will be ordering More in the future.The chocolate covered peanuts are absolutely delicious.

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