Mysql c updating result sets

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Mysql c updating result sets - who is sally hawkins dating

The default value for each parameter is NULL or zero, as appropriate. The important parameters are: If True, CHAR and VARCHAR and TEXT columns are returned as Unicode strings, using the configured character set.It is best to set the default encoding in the server configuration, or client configuration (read with read_default_file).

For more information, see the My SQL documentation.

This parameter takes a dictionary or mapping, where the keys are parameter names used by the mysql_ssl_set My SQL C API call.

If this is set, it initiates an SSL connection to the server; if there is no SSL support in the client, an exception is raised.

Author David Gassner explains how to choose a JDBC driver and connect to one or more databases.

He also provides detailed instructions on reading, selecting, and updating data; calling stored procedures; managing data via Java Bean classes or with prepared statements; and working with metadata.

Integer constant stating the level of thread safety the interface supports.

This is set to 1, which means: Threads may share the module.

This is initialized with reasonable defaults for most types.

When creating a Connection object, you can pass your own type converter dictionary as a keyword parameter.

This option implies use_unicode=True, but you can override this with use_unicode=False, though you probably shouldn't. If present, the session SQL mode will be set to the given string.

For more information on sql_mode, see the My SQL documentation. If not present, the session SQL mode will be unchanged.

If present, the connection character set will be changed to this character set, if they are not equal.

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