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# Adequate publicity, through print and electronic media including child lines and women help lines about the problem of those who have been forced into prostitution.

Most of the girls are brought from Nepal and Bangladesh.

The benefit of legalizing prostitution in India will be that at least we will have a track record of Sexworkers.

And give access to medical facilities, which can control the spread of AIDS.

She learned of the connections between poverty, injustice and stigma that keep entire families from escaping India’s sex industry.

In a newly published* e-book, Seervai takes readers to Mumbai’s grittiest alleyways, to the stories of these women and girls.

Legalization of prostitution will decrease hidden, illegal and street prostitution.

Legalization of prostitution will protect the women by giving them certain rights.

Women in systems of Prostitution want the sex industry legalized as they are the one who suffers the most as they don’t have any rights.

Legalization of prostitution will promote women’s health as they can have easy access to medical facilities which they don’t have when it is illegal.

I found a full-sleeve pink-and-green one that looked about right.

And then a synthetic black one that would dry quickly if it got wet in the monsoon.

Recognizing prostitution as an economic activity, thus enabling women in India to obtain working permits as “sex workers”.