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Open Babel is a chemical toolbox designed to speak the many languages of chemical data.It's an open, collaborative project allowing anyone to search, convert, analyse, or store data from molecular modelling, chemistry, solid-state materials, biochemistry, or related areas.

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I’ve also included npri (Normalized ratio of principle moments of inertia) as described by Sauer WH, Schwarz MK (2003) Molecular shape diversity of combinatorial libraries: A prerequisite for broad bioactivity. Whilst the majority of aggregators do have a calculated Log P 3.It should return the SMILES string, ID and similarity for the most similar molecule.usename$ '/usr/local/bin/obabel' '/Users/username/Desktop/Aggregators/aggregators.fs' -osmiles -S'Fc1cc2NCCc2cc1' -at1 -aa Cc1ccc(NCCc2c(cc(cc2[N ](=O)[O-])[N ](=O)[O-])[N ](=O)[O-])cc1 MLS000590224-01 0.536585 1 molecule converted We can now use this in the Vortex script.-xf FP3 f# Fingerprint type N# Fold fingerprint to # bits u Update an existing index Read Options (when searching) e.g.-at0.7 t# Do similarity search: #mols or # as min Tanimoto a Add Tanimoto coeff to title l# Maximum number of candidates.An alternative script that uses Log D can be downloaded from here Log zip, calculation of Log D is described in Scripting Vortex 3.

I have an Antminer U2, an Antminer U3, and a Nanofury yellowjacket USB miner.However in many instances it would be unwise to submit proprietary information to the public web service.Potential aggregators are flagged based on calculated Log P 0.85 to a known aggregator (using path based fingerprint) this script calculates x Log P using the algorithm provided by Dotmatics and then uses Open Babel fast search to calculate the closest similarity to a known aggregator.I open Zadig and only the Nanofury miner shows up in there.There are a couple things in there I don't recognize however, but no idea if they are the other miner(pictures below).Classified ad sites are used for many different reasons.