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But this word wasn’t one of those that had had its own personal history with me, or so I thought. でも、、、言葉には響きがある、その中に自らの(言葉の)歴史も、人間の意図と別で、存在すると認めなければならいのかも知れません。”White Love”の話をした翌日にか、私が90年代に日本の金沢大学で留学をしていたころ、韓国人の友達が紹介してくれた、また別な歌が頭に浮かんできたのです。 But…I have to acknowledge that words have echoes, or maybe it’s better to say that they carry their own histories, quite apart from people’s intentions and plans.I think it was the day after she and I had chatted about “White Love” that the memories of another song floated into my mind–a song that had been introduced to me by some Korean friends when I was studying abroad at Kanazawa University in Japan.

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The fairy, while cleaning his nose blood, explain the story to the girl.

Japanese Title: 魔法少女誕生 Airdate: April 4, 2005 The Queen of Fairy Land tells the story about the human world situation: Japan is degenerating because of the economic recession and the heart of the people is darkening causing an increase of societal scum.

The Queen sends all the fairies to the human world to make Japan more peaceful. The Ramen Fairy inform to the queen that the Forest Fairy say this, and she renames him as the Fairy of Men Bathrooms instead of Forest.

He explains that an acne fairy would come though a pimple and a scalp fairy would come though someone's head, it's because he was in a ramen cup.

She asks him about the Forest fairy and he explains her the actual situation about the Fairy of Men Bathrooms having wish to death.

Arai’s permission) have uploaded the song here too.

Please take a listen as you read through the lyrics.

She already wants to transform to find the authors of the crime but she doesn't know how.

The Ramen tells her to grab the Hon-Myonbo and the phrase should have to come to her mind.

A girl wants to eat a cup of Ramen, and her brother wants too, but she don't want to give any to him.

She opens the cup and the Ramen fairy appear from within.

She asks why is her and the Ramen Fairy tells her it's just random.

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