Adult singles dating edwards mississippi

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Adult singles dating edwards mississippi

“I was trying to please everyone and get along,” he says.“Eventually you have to become a little more committed.” Judy Edwards, for her part, has found herself drawn to Davis’ vulnerability as he’s talked about his upbringing.

The retired teacher and farmer, now 77, grew up with a father who wasn’t a hardcore racist but “feared what other people would do to him” if he departed from Mississippi’s racial norms.

“I don’t want to see you doing that again,” Davis remembers him saying.

“Somebody will burn our house down.” Stories like these often stay buried in the bearers’ hearts.

The Winter Institute—named for a former governor known as a progressive reformer—runs a program called The Welcome Table, which it brings to communities with histories of distrust.

At the program’s core are monthly meetings where trained facilitators help participants tell and listen to personal stories.

He recalls walking home from town with his brother when a white driver swerved in their direction; they tumbled into a ditch as the gravel flew over their heads.

He recalls his father—“so mean and so respected”—sleeping with a loaded rifle after offending a white man inside a store.Photographs by Sarah Wilson Bozzie and Judy Edwards live in the hilly North Mississippi countryside, in a home that fills with grandchildren on Sundays after church.He’s an Iraq War veteran who retired after 29 years with the Army National Guard. The Calhoun County of their childhood was quieter than much of Mississippi, where bombings and assassinations pricked the nation’s conscience during the civil-rights movement.“I served on a lot of boards and committees, and so many of the members were such racists that I didn’t like to take up racial issues. Listening to candid and painful stories—from people who have treated him with kindness—has recalibrated Davis’ priorities.Over time, he has vowed to call out offensive remarks from his white neighbors.When Davis was in his 30s, he warmly greeted an African-American friend with a handshake.