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There is a “student government,” but the officers that students elect do nothing more than put together skits that they perform in front of the student body a few times a semester– skits that are vetted extremely carefully by people in the administration.

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The New York Catholic Conference spent 2.1 million dollars making sure it would be impossible for pedophilic priests to ever face justice.

This is most obvious in that it is absolutely forbidden for students to either hold any form of public demonstration or create or sign a petition.

Those two things are some of the gravest infractions any students can commit.

And it’s not just Baptists, just in case you’re the sort of person who hates on Baptists. Not because we have the occasional affair (which is clearly always the wife’s fault anyway, have you adulterers.

The PCUSA (that’s the liberal one) and New Tribes Mission have both issued “apologies” for the dozens of children who were raped by their missionaries. We make girls who have been impregnated by their rapists stand in front of their church and confess.

A little while ago I read “All Christians are Hypocrites” by Jayson Bradley.

I don’t really disagree with him or any of the points he makes, but I want to highlight something.

They threatened retaliation if the victims went to the police, they rewarded rapists with staff and coaching positions.

What they’ve done is an order of magnitude than what happened at Penn State and they’re facing practically no repercussions at the moment.

We write letters to judges begging them for leniency when our “preacher boys” turn out to be rapists.

We scream and scream and , we do something worse than nothing.

If you look at the list of colleges that they’ve accredited, it becomes obvious fairly quickly that TRACS is a joke.