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What I also found fascinating was that, unlike in Western countries, Indians focused on the solutions I talk about in the book. To give you one example, a fantastic new website called “Hubb Thaqafa” (“Love is Culture”) was launched earlier this year in Egypt and provides scientifically accurate information about sexual life. Most online material in Arabic is from a very conservative Islamic perspective.

Now, 75 percent of female circumcision is done in a medical setting, which makes it harder to eradicate.If you want to see change at the political level – why millions of people took to the streets in the Arab world in 2011 and beyond – it’s not enough to create the public structures of democracy.You have to root these principles in personal life and, indeed, in sexual life.But for as long as women’s sex outside of marriage is illegal, why would you expect to see the de-criminalization of homosexuality?These groups take a focussed agenda on gay rights that worked in the West because the West has a foundation that recognizes individual rights, built over hundreds of years. In the case of female genital mutilation (FGM) in Egypt, decades of efforts are starting to bear fruit, but it hasn’t been easy.In some quarters of the West, there’s a tendency to think that because the “sexual revolution” occurred in this part of the world, it’s a trail everyone else is going to follow, but different societies are taking different routes.

Well, with respect to LGBT rights, there have been attempts to fund nascent groups that essentially consist of two guys and a computer and to push them into overly ambitious projects, like trying to de-criminalize homosexuality.Similarly, we have seen fantastic gains in female education in the Middle East and North Africa, but now there’s a generation of highly educated women who can’t find husbands, in part because we didn’t bring men on board in embracing gender equality.If a woman doesn’t get married, it’s not socially acceptable for her to move out of her family’s home, have sex outside of marriage, or have children. That’s what happens when you don’t connect the dots. They are better-educated than their parents, have more access to the outside world and generally want religion to be part of their lives.She was surprised by the relatively low rates of HIV in the Middle East and North Africa while writing about global health for , but quickly discovered that there was a gap between the official statistics and reality.“I was meeting whole families who were infected and was hearing the increasingly urgent pleas of those working quietly to stop the epidemic,” she writes.How are they going to be full participants in the boardroom if they can’t do that in the bedroom?