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As an example, Srijib Nayatirtha (1893–1992) was a famous Sanskrit scholar and recipient of several fellowships and awards (including President's Honor).He was a Professor of Calcutta and Jadavpur Universities. However, modern educational practices are upheld by several high schools such as Kendriya Vidyalaya Kankinara, Kankinara Arya Vidyalaya, Bhatpara Amar Krishna Pathsala, Bhatpara High School, Bhatpara Central Girls' School, Taraknath Balika Bidyamandir, Himayat-ul-gurba High school, Chasm-i-rahamat High School, Kankinara High School, Katadanga North Janata Arya Vidyalaya, Rajlaxmi balika vidyalaya .

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The youth communities or clubs(amara kojon type) organise these pujas and due to sheer number of these clubs, one can find over fifty pujas being arranged within a square kilometre of area.

It is also the home of prominent peoples like Swapan Chakladar.

It has an average elevation of 12 metres (39 feet).

According to the official website of Barrackpore sub-division, there are 34 higher-secondary, 10 secondary, and 135 primary schools within the jurisdiction of Bhatpara municipality (although not all of them are situated in the main town).

Although Bhatpara does not have any college within its territorial boundary, colleges in nearby Naihati and Barrackpore provide ccess to higher education for the youth of Bhatpara Kankinara and Jagatdal.

It is approximately a one-hour train journey from Kolkata to Bhatpara.

It also has boat services to the other bank of Hoogly river, connecting it to Chinsura and Chandannagar.

As per provisional reports of Census India, population of Bhatpara in 2011 is 390,467; of which male and female are 207,876 and 182,591 respectively. In education section, total literates in Bhatpara city are 307,362 of which 172,042 are males while 135,320 are females.

Average literacy rate of Bhatpara city is 85.86 percent (well over national average) of which male and female literacy was 90.08 and 81.04 percent. The jute mills drew in a large labour force from the neighbouring states of Bihar and Odisha, as well as eastern Uttar Pradesh, quite often forming an overwhelming majority of the population in the area, living in shanty towns and slums dotting the jute mill area of Kankinara.

Large number of medicine retail shops also supplement this service.

Earlier, a significant portion of population was engaged in some form of job in the local jute mills.

Total children (0-6) in Bhatpara city are 32,498 as per figure from Census India report on 2011. The educated, middle-income, and predominantly Bengali populace lives in the old town area.