Fetching and updating cursors

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PL/SQL also conforms to the current ANSI/ISO SQL standard.

You use three commands to control a cursor: You must declare a cursor before referencing it in other statements.Cursors and variables follow the same scoping rules.Naming cursors after database tables is possible but not recommended.It is important not to allow one operation to succeed while the other fails.At the end of a transaction that makes database changes, Oracle makes all the changes permanent or undoes them all.As the following example shows, you can initialize cursor parameters to default values.

You can pass different numbers of actual parameters to a cursor, accepting or overriding the default values as you please.

A transaction is a series of SQL data manipulation statements that does a logical unit of work.

For example, two statements might credit one bank account and debit another.

Implicit cursors are managed automatically by PL/SQL so you are not required to write any code to handle these cursors.

However, you can track information about the execution of an implicit cursor through its cursor attributes. For more information, see "Counting Rows Affected by FORALL with the %BULK_ROWCOUNT Attribute".

A cursor can take parameters, which can appear in the associated query wherever constants can appear.

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