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Www xxx di s ing beby

Having since become mother to five-year-old Polly, from her previous marriage to Jamie Lomas, Kym said she believes her daughter is a gift from her late son.Talking about how her character Michelle blamed herself for the loss of her baby on the programme, Kym said the feeling is all too familiar.

Kym said: 'Archie was born before 24 weeks but you've still given birth. But if you were to trace my family tree, he won't be here, because they won't give you a birth certificate''So she advised that I go away and talk to my family and take my time deciding.

She said: 'Kate Oates [Corrie boss] approached me not longer after she had started and said the storyline had been pitched.

'She said it was an important subject and she would like me to do it however the final decision lay with me.

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I spoke to my mum who told me to go with my gut instinct.'I thought what better way to raise awareness and help others than to do this.' Later on in the show, Kym did just that as she took calls from viewers who had also experienced the same loss.

Kym also said the storyline has brought her and co-star Simon Gregson , who plays Steve Mc Donald and his wife Emma Gregory, closer together, as they have had 11 miscarriages.

Brave Kym said she celebrates Archie's birthday every year and Polly is aware of her brother.

She also discussed that it was her decision to go along with the storyline as producers wanted her to be completely comfortable with it.

She said: 'I kind of knew little bits but found out more since the storyline.' Emma took to social media following the show, writing: 'Amazing performance! true [email protected] @simongregson123 - extremely proud of you both!

Xxx.' Kym replied: '@emmagleave @simongregson123 emz your husband was amazing!!!! That was for all our angels xx.' The interview comes after Kym's daughter Emilie Cunliffe praised her mother following the episode.

Speaking to magazine, the consummate professional admitted the scenes were 'challenging' yet she is determined to raise awareness through the storyline.

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