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Sure, it is true that members of the Hawaiian Monarchy (westernized) were descendants of ancient Hawaiian Ali’i, but the roles and positions of the ancestral Ali’i were those that belonged to a long line of chiefs, similar to those in indigenous Native American cultures.The main role of ancient Ali’i (chiefs) was to be an example of unified responsibility.

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It can be as simple as a hello or a goodbye greeting, or a phrase used to express mutual love and regards.Aloha and Welcome to Pride of Maui’s Top 10 Things You Should Know About Hawaii article!Hawaii’s diverse culture has deep roots in ancient Polynesia and a variety of exotic locales; it’s pretty much impossible to explain everything you should know about Hawaii in one blog post.Ali’i were the honored ruling Hawaiians; they maintained pure traceable bloodlines, and were believed to be direct descendants of the Akua (gods), allowing them to be the messengers between the Hawaiian people and the Akua’s wishes.The ancient Hawaiians did not have a written language, but instead communicated history through kupuna (ancestors), art, folklore, traditional gatherings, dance, music and chanting.Pride of Maui warmly welcomes you to our Hawaiian Islands.

Visit us with good intentions and a positive outlook.

Over 15 million cans of SPAM were supplied to allied troops every week, and between 1941-1945 the Hormel Corporation (owners of SPAM) had shipped over 100-million pounds of SPAM overseas.

So, because SPAM was such a popular sight to see in the Hawaiian Islands during the war era, and was well regarded for its long-lasting nature, it tastefully became a staple in Hawaiian local food culture. In the ancient Hawaiian language, Ali’i means royalty, but not the kind of royalty commonly known in the Western world, such as the British Royals, the Crown Jewels, etc.

Enjoy incredible island adventures, book exciting tours, and journey through each island experiencing all it has to offer.

Allow the spirit of the Hawaiian Islands to heal you and bring you joy!

For more information, please visit the following resource for the Hawaiian Ali’i.

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