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If your cam is plugged in correctly you will be asked if you would like to broadcast your video stream at this time, select "yes".You will need a webcam in order for others to see YOU.The best part of using the Video Chat is that you can see others and they see you, so consider buying a webcam if you don't already have one.Here you can get basic support information as well as contact info for your biller in case you wish to contact them directly.If you still have further questions you can contact us via the Contact form which you can access using the link in the upper right portion of any page in our site.We will activate your account as soon as the money order is received.

If you forgot to include your username on the application form, or if your information is unclear, this may delay the processing time.

There is also a possibility that you are behind a firewall device that might be preventing a proper video and/or chat signal with the servers. by clicking and holding for about a second You will be required to purchase an Upgraded Membership in order to use our Video Chat feature.

When you enter a video chatroom click on "Actions" and then "Open Local Webcam Settings", check and make sure that the correct camera is selected. To upgrade your membership, log into the site and click the Upgrade link found in the top right of every web page of the site.

Membership pricing can be obtained by clicking on the Upgrade link at the top right of every page of the site.

You can select the plan which best suits your needs!

When you enter a room you should see a local webcam stream in a smaller window.