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These steps can help you survive a recession, but probably will be beneficial no matter what the economic climate.

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When consumers are wary of spending, they will tend to buy from a known source.

This will not tie up your cash, but will keep you active and creative, working to bring in new business.

Use your spare moments -- and if business is slow, you may have more spare time -- to make cold calls, renew existing relationships, send more information packets and cultivate the relationships you already have.

You may want to prepare for several revenue levels, or for any other occurrence that could affect your business, on a what if basis.

You are then ready to swing into action immediately if there is a problem. This does not have to mean more advertising but rather a greater effort on your part to be more visible and network more intensively, at the very first sign of a business slowdown.

Your decisions can prepare you for what might happen and to plan for it.

It is also wise to tighten up on collections, and to be sure your accounts receivable are up to date.Often the business owner has been thinking of an idea for a while.Usually the best tactic is to add something related to what you already sell since you already have expertise and experience in that field.Nulla tincidunt magna vitae nisl viverra condimentum.Integer pharetra, metus ac faucibus varius, felis erat fringilla nibh, eu scelerisque nisi lacus et tortor. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.Diversify the products or services your firm offers.

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