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The practice track is currently working on a Users Guide to help software practitioners/students, practice/method authors and tool builders in the use of Essence.This guide will contain scenarios demonstrating how teams can use the Essence kernel to assess where they are and where they need to focus next independent of their chosen method and life cycle.

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The initiative is also supported by corporations such as TCS, BOSCH, SAP, Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, Ericsson, ABB and Samsung, and academic institutions such as Peking University, Chalmers University of Technology, Florida Atlantic University, Wits University and KAIST.

The area includes members from a number of universities and institutes worldwide, including (in alphabetical order): Carnegie Mellon University Silicon Valley, Free University of Bozen Bolzano, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, University of Duisburg-Essen, University of Oslo, Waseda University, National Institute of Informatics, Wits University Johannesburg and more.

Most members have already been involved in leveraging aspects of SEMAT in the context of their software engineering courses.

The first step was here to develop a common ground or a kernel including the essence of software engineering – things we always have, always do, always produce when developing software.

The second step was envisioned to add value on top of this kernel in the form of a library of practices to be composed to become specific methods, specific for all kinds of reasons such as the preferences of the team using it, kind of software being built, etc.

They are gathering their resources and starting a common venture towards defining a new generation of SEMAT-powered software engineering curricula.

An important part of SEMAT is that a general theory of software engineering is planned to emerge. in the IEEE Software article Where's the Theory for Software Engineering), the benefits of such theories are significant.

The first step is as of this writing just about to be concluded.

The results are a kernel including universal elements for software development – called the Essence Kernel, and a language – called the Essence Language - to describe these elements (and elements built on top of the kernel (practices, methods, and more).

The area’s target groups are instructors such as university professors and industrial coaches as well as their students and learning practitioners.

The goal of the area is to create educational courses and course materials that are internationally viable, identify pedagogical approaches that are appropriate and effective for specific target groups and disseminate experience and lessons learned.

The Theory area is primarily addressing the search for a General Theory in Software Engineering.