College consolidating loan

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If financial hardship makes it difficult to remain current on the loan payments, we encourage you to talk to us to see what options are available.

Calculate how to potentially pay less interest on your student loan: Student Loan Interest Calculator Calculate the monthly payments on your private student loans: Student Loan Repayment Calculator If you’re a borrower with little or no credit history, or you have limited income, a cosigner may help you to qualify for this loan and potentially receive a lower interest rate.Your interest rate options will be presented to you during the application process, at which point you can choose between a specific variable interest rate and specific fixed interest rate.Once you apply, a private student consolidation loan application usually takes 45 – 60 days to process.This is often the reason that people cite when they say you shouldn’t combine federal and private loans.But before you dismiss the idea of refinancing, you should first take a look to see if any of these benefits apply to you.Read the other posts in the series here—and get all the info you need to make intelligent decisions about your student loans.

And while you’re at it, check out So Fi’s new Student Loan Debt Navigator tool to assess your student loan repayment options. With prevailing interest rates at historic lows, some private lenders offer rates that are significantly better than a high-rate federal loan.At the time the borrower submits a request to release the cosigner, all the following requirements must be met: Please note that the student borrower must submit a signed cosigner release application.To learn more about Wells Fargo cosigner release benefit eligibility or if the borrower is interested in applying for a cosigner release, please contact our office at The borrower and the cosigner share responsibility for ensuring that the loan is repaid.A cosigner is someone who shares responsibility with the borrower for repaying the loan.The cosigner doesn’t have to be a relative; he or she can be any adult who meets the eligibility requirements.For example, under the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program (PSLFP), your Direct Loan balance may be eligible for forgiveness after 120 payments if you’ve worked in the public sector that entire time.

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