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was moved up to summer was to serve as a lead-in to Showtime's latest drama series, this one set among the rich and famous of Los Angeles, where professional fixer Ray Donovan (Liev Schreiber) can make any problem go away. Scott Aukerman's surreal sketch/talk show (an adaptation of his long-running podcast of the same name) returns for a second season, with 10 episodes to air this summer and another 10 due in late 2013 (beginning in October).

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The entire cast returns (with Michael Cera pulling double duty as a member of the writing staff), along with returning guests like Martin Mull, Judy Greer, Liza Minnelli, Ben Stiller, Carl Weathers, Ron Howard, and Andy Richter and newcomers such as John Slattery, Kristen Wiig, John Krasinski, and Seth Rogen.The third season will feature returning guests Chris Klein, Mary Steenburgen, and Dwight Yoakam and newcomers Gina Gershon, Angela Kinsey, Jenny Mollen, and Lance Reddick. William Fichtner and Donald Sutherland head the cast of this 10-episode series about global criminals targeted by the International Criminal Court. If you've seen The Simpsons Movie, you know the basic storyline—a small town is sealed off from the rest of the world by a mysterious, transparent dome—though here it serves as fodder for a post-apocalyptic sci-fi mystery that explores themes of faith, fear, and fascism.After tonight's 2-hour premiere, the series shifts to 10p beginning June 30th. comparisons, but if any recent show deserves them, this looks to be it.) Producers have suggested that the story could continue for multiple seasons if this summer's episodes are successful; they have also noted that King's 1,000-page book is just a jumping-off point for the stories they wish to tell, and that they have a specific ending (whenever it comes) in mind that differs from the novel's. Equally daring was Restrepo, directed by Sebastian Junger, who showed Restrepo at the Walter Reade Theater (below) Human Rights Festival last summer. That too was shown at the NY Film Festival last year.Until that film comes out, I suggest you rent Zodiac and Fight Club.

This new reality series asks employees of struggling companies whether their coworkers should be fired ... Special sneak preview tonight; series begins in its normal Thursday 8p timeslot on May 23Call her crazy?And, for what it's worth, producer Veena Sud has promised to wrap up the new story in a single season.Note that two episodes air back-to-back tonight; subsequent weeks will see the series shift to 9p.Guests this season include Sarah Silverman, George Takei, Adam West, Larry Bird, Dan Castellaneta, and Burt Ward.Carol Burnett and Tim Conway will guest (together) in one of the new season's August episodes, while the season premiere (featuring William Shatner and Danny Pudi) will be performed and broadcast live on the East Coast..Based on the book of the same name by Scott Thorson (adapted here by screenwriter Richard La Gravenese), the film depicts the five-year secret relationship between Thorson (Matt Damon) and famed (and famously flamboyant) pianist/entertainer Liberace (Michael Douglas, a lock for an Emmy nomination).