Dating agency business plan

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Each match is prescreened, and a criminal background check is run, before introductions are made What are some of the major reasons people cannot seem to find their mates? For some, they've merely left it up to chance, with the attitude that it will just happen when it's meant to happen.

As a former practicing lawyer turned entrepreneur, I knew I could uniquely relate first-hand to the demands and challenges facing our largely professional/executive/entrepreneur clients.

For others, they don't take the time to truly look within themselves and identify their personal deal-breakers, distinguish between "preferences" and non-negotiable "must-haves"; and/or distinguish between their personal expectations, based on their values/priorities/experiences on the one hand, and expectations of their families or friends on the other hand.

Our comprehensive personal consultation is specially designed to facilitate self-reflection at the beginning of our process as a means of enhancing our clients' chances of finding meaningful and lasting relationships.

S., I have a unique understanding of the successful blending of Indian and American cultures. Is it feasible for an entrepreneur to serve more than one niche?

This understanding allowed Intersections to pioneer matchmaking for Southeast Asian professionals, executives and entrepreneurs in the U. The effectiveness of doing so depends on circumstances such as the nature of the business, the demands/needs of the different niches, and whether there is overlap in the skill sets needed to serve the different niches.

Who are some of your competitors, and how are your services differentiated from theirs?

We have a few categories of competition: First, online dating sites can be considered competitors.

As an entrepreneur, you do not want financial pressures to compromise your delivery of a service or product that you can stand by.

From the very beginning, it has been important to me to have the freedom to work only with clients whose lives we could truly add value to.

We first get a clear understanding of our clients and their relationship goals, needs and wants through our personal consultation, and on that basis introduce our clients to matches with real potential.

Matches come from our exclusive "introduction plan" client base; our nationwide "pool membership"; events we attend throughout the Bay Area; the Matchmaking Institute's nationwide network; our nationwide contacts; as well as our everyday lives (including various professional, cultural, social and charitable organizations).

Our introduction plans are different from blind dates because we strategically search for and prescreen matches for clients based on the personal consultation and subsequent feedback.