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(As someone who has her name linked to articles on prostate-assisted orgasms and penis-crushing kegels, I imagine I fall on the flip side of the coin every now and again.)Of course, the end goal of most online dating endeavors is to meet up in real life.But not everyone is ready to step up to that scary real-life plate.

What does it take to be a truly great virtual girlfriend?“I have come to realize that every guy is different,” Lovely London says. In the world of love and sex, generalities don’t always hold up.If you thought human behavior was complicated to begin with, just try decoding the many motivations behind the pursuit of sexual gratification. Digital relationships don’t take too much out of us. Nothing helps remedy a boring night like diving deep into naughty content.There, guys can “connect one on one” with real women.In exchange for their flirtatious services, the girls are able to pocket some extra cash.There’s an emotional attachment that forms here.” She added, “I don’t like being on camera and not knowing who’s on the other side.”So who is on the other side?

Who spends his time scouting out a virtual girlfriend, and why?That’s when I have to remind myself that this is work,” says Stacy.According to London, sob stories are a common ploy to get a free show.Both Stacy and London reminded us that while they have enjoyed the relationships they’ve developed on the site, they’ve also had to sort through their share of schemers; guys looking to get content from the girls without having to pay for it.This seems to be a fairly standard industry hazard.“Some guys want to take it to the friend level so that they can talk to you and get pictures from you and not have to pay anything.Apparently, the idea of being alone without “being alone” is an experience people are willing to pay for.

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    It lacks the emotional connection.” Pewters says she was so exasperated at one point she considered selling her house and moving to the Front Range to have more opportunities to meet single people — even though she otherwise enjoys living in the Grand Valley.