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This sharing with colleagues better identifies and connects students to their education, a significant step in both academic and personal growth.Throughout the year, some courses will require special projects, some detailed and complex, whereupon students form concentrated study groups in order to complete and present an important assignment with quality results.

It does not promote critical thinking, it mandates mediocrity.As a result, we prayerfully established an intensive and meaningful program of serious academic study, amplified by biblical support, uniquely presented.In this vital new direction, we are enthusiastic to navigate young people, devoted to academic and spiritual studies, through scholarly learning in demanding, yet invigorating courses.We are committed to imbuing students with Godly confidence and intellectual resolution to present the Christian faith positively and its perspective decisively.At The Branch School this requires the highest level of academic performance enveloped in biblical truth—and the priceless ability and guidance they afford.Substantive information is shared, evaluated, interpreted, and appositely debated.

That makes it Delivered aptly and received accordingly, over time the ambit of students’ knowledge, projection of inner confidence, belief in a strong, responsible work ethic, and overall personal presentation are of the highest quality.They are able to do this resultant from the commitment and measure of preparative study they have done themselves.To be certain, Harkness matures thinking and urges responsibility.An interesting dynamic occurs over a period of time: students assist one another, strengthening comprehension for the benefit of all.As the year progresses, this takes on the characteristic of students mentoring each other, individually and in session.Our desire is to assist in the grooming of tomorrow’s leaders.