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Some couples will be forced to see that their relationship has serious problems that cannot be solved, and will finally have the peace of mind to break up for good and get on with their separate lives.

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The weather is hot in Miami and the people are good looking, but it’s a dating scene like no other! “She’s labeled as ‘Miss Bossy’ on the show,” he says.

She lost it all and she looks fantastic now — except she’s terribly insecure with her appearance.” Steve’s goal? “There are far more eligible women out there than there are eligible men, simply because of the fact that women want to be more eligible for relationships than men want to,” he shares.

“This show I designed to be more of a cautionary tale for young women everywhere that are focusing on college and careers and have never really took the time to develop healthy relationship skills, just to go out into the world and just start dating haphazardly.

Love Lab® is a mobile app for singles created by mother-and-son matchmakers Steven Ward and Jo Ann Ward.

Widely known as the executive producers and stars of VH1’s “Tough Love,” these experts in dating and relationships wanted to solve a problem that anyone who has dated online would be familiar with.

Page Six reported that matchmaker Amber Kelleher, of Kelleher International, would also star on the series, which begins production in April.

Though Eva herself has been unlucky in love -- the twice-divorced star called it quits with boyfriend Eduardo Cruz just days before her 37th birthday on March 8 -- the star clearly hasn't given up on helping others find their soul mates, and she remains hopeful for herself.

Each couple fits a specific archetype - be it The High School Sweethearts or The Cheaters - all with their own set of reasons to doubt if their relationship can really last a lifetime.

Over the course of this difficult eight-week process, Steve and Joann will put the couples through lessons designed to test their relationships on every level.

“Dating is indigenous to where you live,” explains Steve. The men in Miami are a bit more superficial than even New York City and L. You can generalize men and say ‘That’s how all men are,’ but I would say in Miami, everything is based very much so on your appearance.” But Steve is ready to give these women the tools they need to attract Mr. “She characterizes herself as fierce and fabulous, but she was really just fierce.

So I had to bring out the fabulousness — eventually I brought her around.” Then Steve helped Christine.

According to PEW Research Center, 54% of online daters report having gone out with people who seriously misrepresented themselves online first.