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Midimiliz are Arne Schaffhausen and Wayan Rabe, both coming from the Hamburg rural area.After enjoying electronic music more and more besides school, they became record collectors and DJs in the beginning of the nineties.

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Youtube clips of their tracks exceed the million clicks easily, their Facebook page likes are in the hundred thousands.

CHECK-IN bude aktivní na vstupu do klubu od  Jarní sezóna v pražské ROXY se začíná pomalu formovat a opět nebudou chybět světové osobnosti minimal techna.

Nadčasový minimal přiveze mezi fajnšmejkry dobře známé duo z  Hamburku Extrawelt. Arne a Wayan se na hudební scéně pohybují od začátku 90.

Initially, the two started touring worldwide as DJs, and later on established the projects 'Midimiliz', 'Spirallianz', 'The Delta' and 'Downhill', which all have gained remarkable success in the scene. James Holden released the first Extrawelt single on his label Border Community, kicking off a matchless wave of success that lasts until today.

The readers of the two most renowned magazines for electronic music in Germany, 'Groove' and 'Raveline' voted their album "Schöne Neue Extrawelt" Best Album 2008; besides that, they also have been voted Best Live Act 2008 in 'Groove' magazine.

Some important dates: 1977 Elmshorn – Arne is born 1979 Hamburg – Wayan is born 1991 Arne freaks out to The Hypnotist's "Pioneers of the Warped Groove" 1991 Living in a rural area in the meantime, Wayan gets a tape of "Accident in Paradise" from Goa and is being laughed at by the pother children.

1992 1st Voov in Sprötze, 3 km from Kakenstorf and 70 km from Elmshorn 1992 First Ambient sets by Arne & Marco as Spiralkinda DJ Team 1994 Antaro says to Wayan during a party: "You spin now! 1996 Arne and Marco produce the X-Dream smash hit "Relax Vortex", together with Marcus and Jan and gain international attention.Through that passion for vinyl, they also got to know each other much better.In 1998, countless gigs and several studio collaborations later, they conquered some borrowed equipment and a Mac, which lead to severe addiction within short time!Umí propojit minimalistické prostředí s výraznějšími beaty, což v posluchačích od prvního tónu rozvibruje energii.Díky opojné atmosféře si za své live sety vysloužili už nespočet kladných ohlasů a právě jeden z nich přivezou 21.4. 1997 Wayan surrenders and moves to Hamburg, starts to quit and learns sound engineering.