Dating a teacher

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Dating a teacher

Here are five reasons why: Most teachers plan their lesson plans with clear objectives in mind: “Students Will Be Able To [__].”Similarly, when an educator goes on a date, he or she has a clear objective in mind.By end of the date, “I Will Be Able To:” reiterate his or her passions or dreams, understand his or her family structure and engagement, and determine whether or not he or she is second-date worthy.

Whether it is meeting up with someone from an online dating site, getting set up by one of your best friends or finally having a real date with the guy you tipsily met at the bar, first dates (or any dates) can be terrifying.

If you had a crush on a teacher as a youngster, now’s your chance to finally date one — legally. Date a teacher and you’ll be dating someone who is shaping future leaders.

Everyone has a favorite teacher they look back on fondly.

You don't know whether you’ll meet the future love of your life or a crazy serial killer with a misleadingly nice smile.

You are, however, quite lucky if you end up on a first date with an educator (teacher, counselor, administrator, etc.) since they are truly the best dates.

The lovely boy in their class has baked them a flapjack in cookery class. A teacher lives their life by planning a three part lesson: a starter, a main and a plenary.

All day long, teachers work to connect with students of all kinds of backgrounds, intellectual levels and work ethics. Date a teacher, and you won’t have to stress about the inevitable meet-the-parents dinner. Teachers adapt quickly, whether it’s welcoming new students or embracing new curriculum. At the end of a crazy week, your presence will be a welcome break from adolescent angst.As teachers, we have a great passion for our work: we spend extra hours at school, we become attached to our students, and parents have even called us when we’re at home.Spending 8 hours per day for 9 months out of the year with these kids has made them a part of our lives.We’ve all had a number of teachers during our years in school or college. So, let's be real: Most of us love to hear ourselves talk and having a date who probes you to do so is basically AWESOME. They are used to asking questions to a class and having to wait for what seems like forever to get answers. This gives you plenty of time to craft the perfect story in your head or come up with super engaging questions without any pressure. By nature, educators have to have a lot of content knowledge.

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