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Friends’ School teachers and staff are comprised of professionals who bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and wisdom to their classrooms and departments.Each staff member and teacher is committed to the overall well-being and growth of Friends’ School.

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The Head of School may review decisions to ensure that they comport with School policy, which is developed by the CFS Board of Trustees.We actively seek young people diverse in race, nationality, creed, family structure, physical ability, and socioeconomic background.In doing so, we continue to seek students from families whose values are in harmony with Quaker philosophy and with the educational goals of the School, and we consider the student’s potential to benefit from and contribute to the School.We use the September 1 date to determine which class an Early School student would enter.When discerning when to apply for a child to attend CFS, it is important to know that students need to be able to use the bathroom independently when at school.Decisions and Notification Families with complete applications are notified about admission decisions on February 17.

Students are accepted, placed in the waiting pool, or denied admission to the School.

We do not customarily consider transfer from one Early School to another.

We have space in our Lower School first-year class for all the "risers" who move up from our three Early Schools, so families do not have to reapply at that time.

They provide the infrastructure that makes the school run smoothly and supports our mission of educating the whole child - head hand, and heart."The teachers are thoughtful, kind, listen to the students and parents, and give amazing instruction.

The classroom is organized, creative, and structured.

To apply for assistance, please go If a family does not apply for tuition aid when applying for admission, we will not expect to consider them for assistance in the next year unless their financial circumstances change in unexpected ways.

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