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Diversity is a key factor of success for modern companies.

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The success of your organization depends on the capacity of your C-Levels to carry and inspire their teams.

We conceive behavioral trainings to accompany your company in the development of an innovative and belligerent corporate culture.

The success of your organization also depends on an innovative management of your talents.

The sustainable success of your organization depends on the agility of your managers.

360 degrees is the key tool to transform your leaders by giving them a photography of their personal perception.

The period of time from when a person experiences the first symptoms of a stroke until three hours after is referred to as the “gold window” and that time is considered crucial for patients who come to a hospital to receive medical attention to recover blood flow to the brain and minimize or reverse the damage.

However, a survey conducted World Heart Day 2015 takes place today and it is a chance for people across the globe to take part in the world’s biggest intervention against cardiovascular disease (CVD).Com um vasto leque de serviços, a nossa empresa prima por manter os preços mais baixos do mercado sem deixar que isso comprometa a qualidade do mesmo.Por isso, todos os serviços por nós fornecidos têm 100% garantia de qualidade graças aos nossos profissionais altamente qualificados e experientes que se comprometem a dar o seu melhor para o bem servir.We conceive development plans by putting in congruence the personal strategy of your collaborators and your strategy business.This program associates techniques of supervision, coaching and training developed in association with FHL Consultants.Jacqueline Rhodes, The research, leaded by the Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine of the University of Naples (Italy), has identified 11 studies that included the following factors: adult population, evaluation of reference intake of potassium, assessment of vascular events and followed for at least 4 years.