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In sports, it's not always about male athletes running off with groupies, hookers or D-list celebrities that look like hookers.Some athletes look for someone who can be a match for them both off and the court.

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The motion, filed in Pennsylvania's Eastern District, requests that the judge order Martin Kelly Capital Management LLC to pay the athletes to compensate for investments they made with adviser William Crafton, whose advisory company was purchased by Sun Trust Bank Inc....Though as long as other things If you win the Beach Volleyball World Championship, like Reece, you have to be hot. Hamilton's one of the baddest dudes on the planet.Which probably explains why he gets to see all of Reece's pieces.During the early years of his career, Burrell was spotted having a fun night with friends at 32 Degrees in Olde City.Pat, dressed in an awesomely homoerotic fish net t-shirt with a gold chain around his neck, went up to the bar to order a round of Bud Lights.I just saw all the pat Burrell stories and had to share this one.

I heard it years ago from one of the older guys from my nieghborhood. They sent him over a few drinks and eventually started bull shitting with him at the bar.” The barkeep, confused by the question, replied, “Yeah…you’re Pat Burrell.” Burrell instantly responds back with force, “You are correct.I am Pat Burrell,” and proceeds to walk back to his table without paying for the drinks.Oh well, we'll still practice our breast stroke to AB's Playboy pictorial.This couple has combined for over 150 titles in their sport and over 30 Grand Slams.If you take Graf's 22 grand slams x Agassi's eight, their son and daughter should combine for something like 170. These two haven't been current in a minute, but one look at Kournikova is a good enough excuse to squeeze this couple on the list.