Intimidating dog

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Intimidating dog

For some reason, the property owner thought that whoever threw her out of the car would come back for her, even though she was injured and had a chain with a lock around her neck.

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The pit bull was rescued by animal control after she was tossed from a moving vehicle.Sadly, many large-breed owners let their persecution complex get the better of their judgement instead of showing some common courtesy to the public. I also know that bite statistics (for what they are worth) consistently fail to show one breed significantly more likely to bite than another. If someone feels intimidated by your dog, rightly or wrongly, be kind.These are a few of the shocking incidents that I see day in, day out, with large breeds. I can relate, I have lived with my fair share of giants. Don’t get me wrong, I also get frustrated by scaremongering, where the “sensational” breeds (e.g.But experience has taught me that no-one knows ‘He’s just a big teddy bear’. Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Pit Bulls, Rottweillers,…) are hysterically over-represented. it’s all to do with emotion and perception, and nothing to do with reason and fact.Maggie was visibly skittish, but was also gentle and sweet.

Ebbs and the pit bull formed such a strong bond that he decided to name her Maggie Mae.

When it came to her kids, that lady assumed the worst, and good for her.

Owner’s reaction: “That woman is always bothering me!

Muzzled German Shepherd repeatedly attacks my dog while I am walking with my 1-year-old child. I am “being hysterical” (I sternly tell him to get his dog on-leash), and “the dog is muzzled, he can’t do anything”.

There is this really wild Staffie in our dog field who bullies every other dog, and will not stop “play”-biting, even though the other dogs give calming signals and yelp incessantly. “The dog park is for everyone” (the irony seems to elude them…) This infamous Tervuren (black, long-haired Belgian Shepherd) pestered my dog for over 5 minutes, no matter how many times I ask the owner to give us some space, and no matter how many times my dog growls and snaps.

Two Briards chasing my terrorized dog over such a long distance that we had to look for him for twenty minutes afterwards.