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At least that way you keep each other happy, tire yourself out, and have little or no chance to look for others to mate.

I have experienced this last year when I (had no choice and) took them to Pulau Bidong with me – minus the maid.

Well, if you are not married then I shall rephrase that to: Do you remember the first time you did it?

But I will just talk about the first night after the wedding, and this posting is applicable to couples who did not do a Bride and groom should not meet each other for 40 days to avoid being talked about, and to avoid sexual intercourse, Do not eat rice with gravy to avoid the tummy getting bloated before the wedding, Do not pee or dump crap into a watery body (such as lakes and rivers) for fear it may weaken the sexual organ (male), Do not masturbate, Read the Quran a lot to deter Satan’s whispers and lots of other crappy stuff that you have to abide or forever be condemned to an impotent life.

I need to go back underwater to look at the fishes…just look at them whizzing by without any apparent thought of where to go and what-not. I am normally cranky when I do not get to dive for more than a month; got the brunt of that the other day.

However, she was quick to soothe this troubled aquatic soul.

Some opposition MPs have lodged a police report against the Attorney-General for his failure to win the case.

Some cited the fact that now the livelihood of the Johor fishermen will be affected. I simply fail to comprehend their grasp of local history.

Liverpool Babe and Gombak4Life will be going underwater for the first time, and I hope to follow them.

I can hardly wait to get back underwater, back to my lair, my realm. Because I woke up to a smiling face that greeted me, Do you remember your first night?

Well, I don’t know what you women think, but it is always the guy who gets to have the best fuck after all.

Anyway, for those who have just gotten married, please fuck like rabbits, and stay married so you can fuck like rabbits.

The celebration went on all night with the guys performing.

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