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And a guest saw a black leopard here too." Harenna is dripping with moss, giant heather and lichen: it's the kind of place where you feel that trees have eyes and come alive at night.Bale is known to be home to 78 mammal species and around 300 species of birds, but who knows what truly lives here?

I took my first job as a commercial sex worker in Asela, far enough from my father to ensure he wouldn’t find out.

They are also working with the local village, Rira, helping with much-needed employment, education, health facilities, and income-generating initiatives to deter people from bringing livestock and dogs into the Park.

Human encroachment, canine distemper and rabies threaten the very existence of the endangered, enchanting Ethiopian wolves.

The smaller Menelik's bushbuck, almost black with a fluffy coat and shorter horns, was more skittish, dashing into undergrowth on hearing us approach."A lot of things pop up mysteriously here," resident naturalist James Ndungu commented as we drove through the spectacular Harenna Forest on the Park's southern slopes.

"The other day, we saw a pack of 20 African wild dogs with young ones, so they're obviously breeding.

A typically scruffy tin-shack junction town, its market was chaotic.

We were the only white people: judging by the response of locals, they don't come along often.You would never see this scene outside Ethiopia – both the wolf and giant mole-rats are endemic to the country.But they're not the only endemic animals in the National Park, which is the size of Herefordshire.They look like foxes too, with deep russet coats and black-tipped tails, but they're sleeker, taller, and incredibly handsome.In just 15 minutes on the plateau, we saw our first wolf, a juvenile, skulking low, then waiting patiently to pounce on his living lunch.The owners are Guy and Yvonne Levene, a former British Army officer based in Addis and a teacher respectively.