Top 10 online dating profile

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Top 10 online dating profile - Sexy sarah web cam

For example, your address, place of work, or even the location of your favorite restaurant. You’re looking for a date, not a potential stalker — or worse.

"That biographical information may not be as relevant to whether they fit into what you do on weekends, or how you're applying your education to your life now." "People really connect on things they do like, the commonalities," Hoehn said.

"I woke up the next morning and had this kind of epiphany moment.

People needed someone to do this for them." Profile Polish's services and prices vary depending on what each client needs.

Since launching Profile Polish a year ago, Hoehn's business has increased rapidly, and she now gets between 10 and 15 requests a week.

The vast majority of her requests come from men, and they tend to be on major platforms like Ok Cupid and

"Instead of saying you're spontaneous, talk about the time you hopped on a plane to Thailand.

If you help people come to their own conclusion, it hits harder and is more memorable." Those specific details will appear much more genuine than a long list of personal qualities, which often end up sounding like a resume no matter how admirable they are.

Relationship expert Siggy Flicker joined Kathie Lee and Hoda on TODAY on Friday morning to share must-know tips about setting up an online dating profile. Check out Siggy's list of what you should picture that shows who you are.

Maybe it’s just me, but they never look good, and it feels like you don’t have a friend who would take a nice picture of you.

It wasn't until after a bad breakup, however, that she realized redoing profiles was something she could be doing professionally.

"My friend came over, and I was looking at her profile thinking, 'Well if my love life sucks, I may as well get yours in order,'" Hoehn said to Business Insider.

Text appeal: Women describing themselves as sweet, ambitious or thoughtful are more likely to attract male attention and receive admiring messages on online dating websites (illustrated), while men who claim they are physically fit or describe themselves as perceptive, passionate or optimistic prove more irresistible to women A study of 12,000 online dating profiles posted on e uk found that women describing themselves as sweet, ambitious or thoughtful are more likely to attract male attention and receive admiring messages.

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